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fanmix: blurs of reality

fanmix: blurs of reality

this is me, listening/singing along to songs and thinking of guinevere and arthur. of course, i am once more procrastinating (spent pretty much half the day trying to figure out how to use gimp, pick the songs, and put them together. it's almost as if i don't grind this thing out, i will never move on with my life or something. haha)

here's my very amateur album covers....

the image of arthur is from the kind visionsbeyond (thanks again! :))) and the images of gwen was just found on my laptop....so, no idea who to credit it to. lol....please, feel free to tell me whether i'm supposed to credit it to someone loll

but honest song choices :)))


01 If It Means a Lot to You -
A Day to Remember
if you can wait till i get home / then i swear to you/ that we can make it last
I just feel complete when you're by my side / but I know you can't come home 'til they're singing
you know you can't give me what i need / and even though you mean so much to me / I can't wait through everything

02 What I Wanted to Say -
Colbie Caillat
i should have done something / i did nothing, watched us separate
cause' all i wanted to say is something real / all i want you to know is how i feel / all i wanted to give was my heart / but i'm stuck here at the start

03 Unbelievable -
you burden me with your questions / you'd have me tell no lies
you say to me i don't talk enough / but when i do i'm a fool
the things, you say / your purple prose just gives you away
the things, you say / you're unbelievable

you're always at stop / to think of us / being one is more than i'd ever known
bringing out your higher self / think of the fine times / instead of bringing out just want, the world
and never think of your attitude / brace yourself, with the grace of ease
i know this world, ain't what it seems
what the f*ck
whoa bad
its unbelievable

04 Takin' Back My Love -
Enrique Ingelsias ft Ciara
go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free
i gave you your dreams, 'cause you meant the world
/ so did i deserve to be left here hurt?
i'd give it all up but i'm takin' back my love
yeah, what did i do, but give love to you? / i'm just confused as i stand here and look at you
from head to feet, all that's not me
i'd give it all up, but i'm takin' back my love

05 Gives You Hell -
Lea Michele (Glee)
when you see my face / hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell
when you walk my way / hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell
you never
seem so tense, love / i've never seen you fall so hard / do you know where you are?
tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself / yeah where did it all go wrong? / but the list goes on and on
now you'll never see what you've done to me / you can take back your memories, they're no good to me
you can look me in the eyes / with the sad, sad look that you wear so well
and truth be told, i miss you / and truth be told, i'm lying

06 It's Amazing -
you're gonna have to work for it harder and harder / and i know 'cause i've been there before / knocking on door with rejection (rejection)
and you'll see cause if it's meant to be / nothing can compare to deserving your dream
patience now frustration in the air / well its gonna get you down / and you'll fall (fall) / yes, you will hit a wall / get back on your feet / and you'll be stronger and smarter
it's amazing, amazing all that you can do

07 Hello -
Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff (Glee)
i've been alone with you inside my mind / and in my dreams, i've kissed your lips a thousand times / i sometimes see you pass outside my door
you're all i ever wanted / and i want to tell you so much, i love you
i long to see the sunlight in your hair / and tell you time and time again how much i care
tell me how to win your heart / for i haven't got a clue

'cause i wonder where you are / and i wonder what you do / are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?

08 Like You Do -
Angel Taylor
boy, you know it's bad when you do that / holding out exactly what i want / but you don't share / and i've never had a taste before / but now you've got me wanting more
i feel like a fool, but i would be feelin' it anyway / you're messin' around, i figured you out / you're takin' me down, but i would be feelin' it anyway, cause no body loves me like you do

09 Hello, I Love You -
Cory Monteith (Glee)
hello, i love you / won't you tell me your name? / hello, i love you / let me jump in your game
she's walking down the street / blind to every eye she meets / do you think you'll be the guy / to make the queen of the angels sigh?
she holds her head so high / like a statue in the sky / her arms are wicked, and her legs are long / when she moves my brain screams out this song!

10 Mercy -
Vocal Adrenaline (Glee)
i love you, but i gotta stay true / my moral's got me on my knees / i'm begging please / stop playing games
i don't know what this is, but you got me good / just like you knew you would / i'm under your spell
you got me begging you for mercy / why won't you release me?

now you think that i will be something on the side / but you got to understand that i need a man / who can take my hand, yes i do
/ i said you better release me / i'm under your spell

11 For Those Nights I Can't Remember -
time and time again, you wait for me to come in / 'cause no one could have seen this coming / i would never let you down / so i can and i will and you'll see your hero come running
and i do wanna love you / and i do wanna try / because if falling for you girl is crazy / then i'm going out of my mind
me, i'm used to being tired and bloody / but you believed that i could be somebody / you put your world on hold for me / gave away to follow, feel you through the fire
i need you to know i will / believe me girl, i'm so tired of running
i just wanna hold you hand / stare at you like you've got everything i need

12 Human -
Jon McLaughlin
can you tell me, how we got in this situation / i can't seem to get you off my mind / all these ups and downs / they trip up our good intentions / nobody said this was easy ride
after all, we're only human / always fighting what we're feeling / hurt instead of healing
can we get back to the point of this conversation / when we saw things through each others eyes / 'cause now all i see is ruin and devastation
i'm smart enough to know / that life goes by / if you feel, i'm letting go / just give me time / i'll come running to your side

13 Right or Wrong -
made me a leader before i was ready to lead / made me successful, when i just wanted to be heard / give me a life that i'm responsible for / i'll give him what's right, 'cause i'm responsible for him / and into the night, i'm gonna be there with him
ready for heaven, cause i done been through hell / can since i ws seven, i've had a story to tell
the bravery of a man's mind is slavery / is making me the man i was made to be
when it didn't go right, you hit me lik e/ you see things ain't always what they seem to be
knew where my heart was at / knew what i was thinking / knew when i was down and out, left there mistaken / knew when to pick me up, 'cause it got too hard
/ and you already knew that you would be there for me / that's why i bring you together to give you the glory
everyday of life is a new chapter / and it's already been foretold, so it's up to the soul to capture
destined to ride with the call from birth / the true worth of a man, is not measured by what he does for himself / but what he does for someone else
whatever which way they go (right or wrong) / they know they gonna owe / it don't matter if you win or lose / you still gotta pay them dues

14 Down -
Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne
baby, are you down / even if the sky is falling down? / so come on and fly with me / as we make our great escape / so baby, don't worry / you are my only / you won't be lonely / even if the sky is falling down
i'm fightin' for this girl / on the battlefield of love / don't it look like baby cupid / sent her arrows from above? / don't you ever leave the side of me / indefinitely, not probably
baby, are you down / even if the sky is falling down?

15 Can't Help Myself -
Kaci Battaglia
love is like, its like a spell / and i just can't help myself / i'm hypnotized because it's right / i love the way you make me high / you mess me up / you make me cry / and then i stay and i wonder why?
i want to love somebody else, but i just cannot help myself
you gave me love i never knew / i need it till it was depleted / cause it's real / it's worth the fight / so hold on through this rocky ride
can't help myself, i gotta get out, but i can't help myself

16 Take You There -
Sean Kingston
baby girl, i know it's rough, but come with me / we can take a trip to my hood / it's no problem girl, its my city
i could take you there
as long as you're with me / baby you'll be all right / girl just stay by my side
baby, it's up to you / it's whatever you like

shorty, come with me, it's no worry / i know the bad men them where they ah stay / don't be scared in the West Indies / it's Jamaica, that's where i'm from / might see something that you're not used to / welcome to the slums
but, shorty, i can take you there / baby you'll be all right / girl just stay by my side

17 There's Nothing / Give you the World
Sean Kingston ft Paula DeAnada and The D.E.Y
there's nothing in this world / there's not another girl that could satisfy my needs / there's not another boy that could make me feel so sweet / 'cause he/she fills up my life / like the sun, she/he shines bright
it didn't take a sec to see / that you're the only one who i wanna rescue me / i can't lie boy, you're my type of guy / and there's nothing in this world that can stop me from loving you
girl, you put me in a good mood / and since then we've been inseparable / 'cause i did everything to get next to you
there's nothing in this world

through the fire through the rain / through the joy and the pain / it damn all remains the same / through the fights through the change / through the nights through the days
i'll pick you up when you fall / i'm at your side when you call / every time you hold me down boy / i hold you down
damn it all remains the same / i'mma give you the world and everything in it

.Zip Blurs of    Reality :)

The Ire and the Sword (1/?)

Title: The Ire and the Sword (1/?)
Author: kasie101
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Morgana, Merlin, (perhaps more)
Spoilers: *Optional* aftermath of the Hengist kidnapping and beyonddd. (like buzz lightyear :) haha)
Disclaimer: two packets of coffee. other than that, characters are not mine.
Summary: Where Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, and Morgana is mad. Hell, everyone in Camelot is mad, down to the crickets - they're mad.
Author’s notes: good luck to me? have midterms coming up, and instead i'm dishing this out. i'm just brilliant and with wonderful timing. :) [cries]

Chapter One:

“Gwen!” Merlin waved happily as he attempted to hold Arthur’s sword, axe, chainmail, and armor all in one arm.

Arthur, standing besides him, rolled his eyes, “You fool!” he quickly grabbed the dropping axe and sword from its handle and figured that the chain mail and armor dropping on the fool’s feet will teach him.

However, that wasn’t the case.

“Merlin,” Arthur breathed slowly as he stared at his chain mail and armor that is now on the wet morning grass; luckily for Merlin, he at least had the foresight to jump back. “Which do you think is more important? My armor…or you?” he looked back up at Merlin, eyes blazing.

Merlin had the decency to look sheepish at least before quickly bending over and picking up the heavy chain mail and armor that now had grass and mud on them. “Not like you don’t get it dirty anyway, right?” he smiled widely.

Doing his best not to turn fully to face the figure in green, Arthur focused his gaze into a glare at Merlin instead.

“Look!” Merlin pointed again, but this time, quickly put his arm down to wrap it around the chain mail and armor. “It’s Gwen!” he shifted his eyebrows. “Aren’t you going to say hi?” he grinned cheekily.

Arthur’s jaw immediately stiffened before he turned and strode forward. “Thanks to you, I am now late.” He said roughly, “Pick up the pace, Merlin!” he added as Merlin stood stunned.

However, Gwen was not surprised. She had smiled in kind greeting to Merlin, but despite how hard she kept her gaze on him, the golden hair and crisp blue eyes did not escape her notice. He had looked at her before turning away, his face full of contempt.

But, she held her head high, and continued forward with her tray of fruits, bread, and cheese. This was her place in life. She had her role, and he had his.

Arthur growled. Ever since that morning, Merlin has had this stare set on him. He had yet to speak, but Arthur knew that eventually, the needling and prodding will come. But, even well into his dinner, Merlin had still yet to say a word; instead, his gaze never faltered, drilling holes in his head and back.

“What, Merlin?” Arthur snapped as he slammed his spoon onto his table and turned to stare at Merlin.

Merlin merely shook his head.

“Whatever it is,” Arthur growled, “just spit it out! I can’t stand that idiotic face of yours anymore!”

He pursed his lips. “You’re a prat, you know that?” Merlin replied evenly, and before Arthur can retort, he continued, “You’re not seriously mad,” he emphasized, “at Gwen,” he exasperated her name, “are you?” his voice rose. “And for what?” he shouted now as he shook his head, bewildered, “Because Lancelot came to save her before you did?”

Arthur imitated a fish very well at this point. Spluttering, he protested, “I am not mad at Gwen!”

“I’ve been wondering,” Merlin continued with his tone, “why nothing seem to be happening between the two of you. Why Gwen doesn’t seem the least bit uplifted or relieved since the kidnapping, but I never would have guessed,” He shook his head in rage and disbelief, "That the reason for it all is you!” he pointed, jabbed his finger in Arthur’s face, “That you – who supposedly love her –“ Arthur threw his spoon at Merlin’s head who quickly ducked, “yes, LOVE HER, would act like such a selfish prat to her!”

“I said,” Arthur rose, causing his chair to fall back, “that I am NOT MAD AT GWEN!” he roared.

“Right,” Merlin deadpanned, “that’s why your face was giving Gwen hell this morning.” He rolled his eyes. “Because you are absolutely not mad at her.” He nodded, “at all.”

“Shut up, Merlin!” Arthur stalked up to Merlin, his hand itching to grab him by the scruff and shake him. “You don’t understand.”

“Understand what?” Merlin snapped.

“She chose Lancelot!” he shouted in his face, scaring Merlin who jumped back. “I saw how she looked at him. She chose him!” Arthur motioned violently with his hand. “She chose that prissy,” he spat in Merlin’s face, “Ponce-a-lot!”

Merlin quieted upon his declaration, but continued to look at him in pure disbelief. When Arthur’s heavy breathing quelled, he said softly, “You don’t know that.” When Arthur was about to yell again, he quickly added, “Think about it, Arthur. The only way to know for sure whether Gwen chose anyone,” he paused, “is to ask her.”

Arthur clamped his mouth tight as he crossed his arms and sat back down at his dinner table, facing away from Merlin.

“She made her decision, Merlin,” he sighed as he rested his forehead on his folded arms. “I…I cannot give her…what that idiot can.” He spat bitterly.

Merlin frowned. “How is that? You’re the Crown Prince. What can’t you give her?”

Arthur was about to answer, but nothing came from his open mouth.

He could feel Arthur’s smirk even from behind him. “Exactly.” Merlin smacked Arthur’s back. “Just talk to her.”

Gwen had long given up on any interaction with Arthur. When she had thanked him again after her return to the castle, all she received in reply was a gruff, “You’re welcome” as he breezed past her. He had chosen to take his princely tone with her, and so, she had returned to her servant lowered gazes, curtsies, and “sire"s.

Surely, it was for the best anyway. There should be no relations between a servant and a crown prince.

No, there can't be any relation to a noble, much less a crown prince.

But…did he have to always look at her with so much disdain? With each passing try, her heart seemed to ice over a bit more from his gaze and actions. And now? There was only an ache; similar to when she was alone in her cell with no hope of anyone rescuing her.

Morgana had long caught onto her distanced expressions.

“Gwen?” her mistress rested a hand upon her shoulder. “Do you wish to talk?”

Gwen shook her head. “There is nothing to tell, my lady,” she said firmly with a brave smile.

Morgana had always respected her space, and nodded. “Please,” she grasped at both Gwen’s hands into her own. “If there is anything – anything at all that I can do for you,” she smiled softly as one hand went up to hold Gwen’s cheek, “you need just ask.”

Gwen nodded and hugged her mistress. “Thank you, Morgana.”

She smiled. “You should never,” she stressed, “look so forlorn for you will always, at the very least, have me.”

Morgana wasn’t blind. She had seen the passing glances between Gwen and Arthur. Gwen would smile politely at Arthur, he would turn coldly, and she would immediately mask her face to neutrality; she didn’t understand. Before, they would smile sweetly, and she would have sworn they were besotted even. But now? She sighed. She plan on wringing Arthur’s neck if this continues.

Merlin, too, for good measure. She grinned at the thought, for Merlin had refused to say anything on what transpired at Hengist’s Castle. Gwen had not spoken of it either, but Gwen she can forgive. Merlin, on the other hand, was far too dodgy and suspicious.


Gwen nearly dropped her basket of laundry at the once familiar voice. “Sire,” she quickly curtsied as the load strained her arms.

“Perfect! Just who I’m looking for,” he grinned as he walked up to her eagerly.

Gwen’s eyes widened at his chipper tone.

Upon reaching her though, he cleared his throat and coughed awkwardly.

After some silence, “Is there something you wish of me, sire?” she bowed her head, still confused as she focused on her load of laundry, struggling to hold them together.

“Well…I…” Arthur started, also looking down. He frowned; she should be looking at his face, not lower her gaze in subservience. “Come,” he said firmly before grabbing her at her elbow before pulling her.

“Wait!” Gwen shouted, causing him to stop immediately. “My lord,” she curtsied again, awkwardly with the load in her arms and his hand on her elbow. “I must launder the Lady Morgana’s dresses.”

He hadn't seen what were in her arms before. “Very well,” he decided, “I shall accompany you then.” He nodded before sidestepping, “Lead the way.”

Gwen spluttered and nearly dropped her load had it not been for Arthur’s steady hand. “Here, you best give them to me,” he took them from her shocked arms.

“But,” she protested, but he was already walking.

“You might want to lead me, Guinevere,” he chuckled, “I have no idea where I am supposed to be headed.”

Gwen blinked before quickly catching up to him and grabbing the load back. “You are the Crown Prince,” she said firmly, meeting his eyes. “This is my job, not yours.” She took it from him roughly before curtsying, “Thank you, but like I said, sire. I must have these laundered. I am sure that there are other servants to tend to your needs for the moment. Please, excuse me.” She curtsied, and tried to calm her madly beating heart as she walked away.

She was confused and couldn’t understand what could be going through his mind at the moment. He had been cold and distant to her for well over a month, and now, all of a sudden - she will leave that thought there. She did not have the strength in her heart to find out now.


Only in Time

Title: Only in Time
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None really...but it does make more sense if you watched Once and Future Queen.
Summary: Ideally, it takes place after Once and Future Queen. Gwen's and Arthur's thoughts and understanding and belief in the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor am I making money.

Guinevere had been avoiding him - or has he been avoiding her? He didn't know anymore.

Guinevere did her best to maintain her hum, but despite how much she concentrated, her mind continued to wander.It wandered about his lips, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his exasperated face when she had said he only sounded like a pig - everything about him. She hated how the light hit his golden, princely hair, how his vivid blue eyes would turn crisp and clear when he teased her, and most of all, how his soft lips had caressed her own.


Curses, now what was that she was humming?

Arthur watched her face from the darkness. He felt like a pathetic stalker, but he had to see her. He had to see her many faces when she was alone - even when she wasn't alone, her face would play out her internal battle at times.

He saw her scrunch her face slightly in concentration, how her eyes slightly glazed over, and a soft smile danced upon her lips. How that smile had suddenly widen so sweetly, before regressing slowly as she reminisce about one thing or another, he dared to hope that her thoughts of him had brought upon the smile.

He saw her hand slightly whiten from her grip on the bucket. What was she thinking? He noted her scratched hands, her worn, ripped apron, and her fading yellow gown. He smiled and shook his head slightly. How practical of her.

Gwen shook herself out of her stupor, and finally walked away from the well. She let out a small yelp when she tripped over a rather large rock, but luckily kept the bucket from completely spilling over as she managed to keep herself from falling onto the ground. She sighed at how her dress is now slightly wet from the water spilt. Good thing she changed into her old yellow gown today rather than wear the more elegant dress that Morgana said befits her station as a maid for her. Gwen envied Morgana at times, and these were one of them; she always had a good eye for taste.

Arthur had casually visited Morgana with a message from Uther earlier. Uther wanted the two of them present for dinner with him tonight. He left out the part that he had hinted to his father that the last time the three of them had dinner was when Morgana was tolerably unable to speak due to a cold, and upon seeing how long it has been, Uther decided to have the them present tonight.

He didn't want quite relate it in his mind, but apparently, he was willing to bear a dinner with Morgana and his father just to catch a glimpse of Guinevere.

It was just his luck however, that upon reaching Morgana's rooms, there was no Guinevere.

"What do you want, Arthur?" Morgana had immediately asked upon his entrance. Sitting beside her window, she raised an eyebrow at him as he looked about her room, but said naught. "Arthur?" she snapped him out of it.

Immediately, Arthur turned to Morgana, but couldn't keep his eyes from glancing about. "My father wants us to have dinner together tonight."

Morgana scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Another complete waste of my time, but seeing as little choice I have; I shall see you tonight." She looked at him expectantly, but instead of turning to leave, he continued to look about her room. "Is there something else you wanted?" she asked, intrigued.

Arthur was still slow to reply. "No, nothing." Then he thought better of it. "Where is Merlin?"

"Merlin?" Morgana laughed in his face, "Isn't he your manservant? Why are you asking me of his whereabouts?"

Arthur bit his lip before retorting, "Because the idiotic manservant of mine always seem to frolick about with Guinevere. So, have you seen her?"

Morgana's delicate eyebrows scrunched together in reply. "Her? Are you asking for Gwen now?"

Arthur swallowed, "No," he hoped he casually lean against a dresser beside the door. "I'm asking for Merlin, Morgana, listen carefully." Arthur struggled to not move under her intense, inquisitive gaze.

"I have not seen Merlin this day," she finally said as she turned back to look down her window. "I do believe Gwen is helping some poor sick girl with her duties today," she continued dryly, "you may find her if you think Merlin is with her."

Arthur nodded and briskly exited.

What he didn't know was that although Morgana had looked out the window, she had made sure to keep the corner of her eyes visible to a mirror that reflected Arthur in total. She saw him visibly relax once her gaze fixed away from him, and the rising red on his neck when she mentioned Gwen. She smiled. Rarely have she seen him so flustered, and even rarer blush. Dinner could be interesting tonight, and even more interesting will the time Gwen takes to ready her for bed. She grinned to herself, she'll know everything come time she sleeps.

"Morgana!" a happy, cheery voice cut through her thoughts.

Turning, she smiled, "Good morning, Merlin."

Merlin looked about her room and asked, "Where's Gwen?"

She laughed at a confused Merlin.

Trailing after her like a lost puppy, Arthur seethed a bit at himself. What was he doing? Following a handmaid? Yes, it's Guinevere, and yes, she's not just a handmaid, but what is he doing?

Guinevere is too good to be a handmaid. Too noble, too kind, too humble, too beautiful. She is more of a noble than he is.

What was she doing? Guinevere thought to herself as she smiled to the cook. She shook her head at the cook's obvoius concern for her. She wasn't one to avoid unpleasant tasks, and wasn't one to complain either, but she would much rather pretend that nothing happened and that everything is normal rather than...rather than what? She frowned.

She may only be a handmaid, but she knew her duty and may not say it, but she pride herself in doing her work. She always does her work.

But what was she doing? Longing for the crown prince isn't part of her work. Wanting nothing but be beside him, dine with him, is not her work!

Smiling at the slightly apprehensive cook who doesn't quite know how to approach a visibly upset Gwen, she turned and exited the door to find the courtyard.

How long is he going to follow her like this? Arthur thought to himself. And how long is the girl not notice him? Just how unaware is she? Or rather, how deep in her thoughts.

Finding the edge of the courtyard, she sat on the grass and enjoyed her solitude. She hated her thoughts now. She had said that things will change when Arthur is king, but what does that mean?

Did she want her position to change with him when he is king? Yes. Is it feasible? No.

What was she thinking, saying that? Sure he can take it as how he'll be a better king, that fairness will rule; however, he was referring to their...she breathed. Kiss, and relations.

Her saying that implied that...Oh, Gods, she wanted to bury her face in her hands.

Arthur decided that he had enough of her frustrated face and eyes. Marching forward, he wrapped his arms around the surprised girl and held the back of her head so that her face fit in the crooked of his neck. He relished in the feel of her soft body against his, her hair in his face, and her scent filling his whole being.

There she stayed for several seconds before she finally pushed against him.

"Sire?" she looked up at him warily as his arms wrapped around her back and although didn't press her back into his body, kept a firm hold on her.

"Guinevere," Arthur finally said after a long pause. "What are we doing?"

She blinked and looked about them.

"No prying eyes will see us," Arthur immediately said. "Answer my question."

Gwen met his eyes and bit the inside of her lips before replying, "I do not know, sire."

"Arthur," he half growled, "given the circumstances, call me Arthur."

"What circumstance?"

"Don't play daft," his voice raised slighly in frustration.

Gwen swallowed and adjusted her eyes downward. "I do not know, sire."

He frowned, "What do you not know, Guinevere?" he emphasized her name, causing her to slightly flinch. He said it coldly, and she felt his grip on her tighten.

"I do not know the answer to your first question, sire." she tried to distance herself, pull her body further away from his, but his grip held her where she was.

Arthur placed one hand under her chin, and gently lifted her eyes. "Would you like to know what I am doing then?" he breathed, calming himself. Before she can answer, he continued, "I am following you about like some lovesick puppy. I think about you everyday. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your voice - everything is committed to memory. When I think about you, my vigor to better Camelot - better myself doubles. When I think of you, my heart is on air, but then it crashes because you're not near. Why is that, Guinevere? Do you know why?"

Her breath was caught in her throat at his declaration as she looked wildly into his clear blue eyes that conveyed his sincerety. His eyes coaxed words from her mouth that she didn't know she thought. "Because tis the same reason why I think of you. Tis the same reason why I go to bed at night, sleepless with only blue eyes haunting me and arrogant laughter ringing in my head."

He chuckled. "Arrogant?"

"Yes, Arthur. Infintely arrogant." she smiled, finding courage in the rumble from his throat and the laughter in his eyes.

"Not even, only sounds like arrogance?" he teased, grinning that she had called him by name.


They exchanged wide smiles and she didn't resist when he pulled her small frame against his. While one hand wrapped itself around his back, the other rested on his chest. He made sure to wrap his hand high on her waist. He didn't want her to misunderstand his ... somewhat honorable intentions.

"Am I to understand that you," he said somewhat hesitantly, "that you return my affections?" He saw her blush deepen and grinned.

Gwen nodded shyly.

"I'm sorry, Guinevere," he drawled her name out arily, "I didn't catch what you said. Do you return my affections?" he wanted it out of her.

Gwen pursed her lips and noted his teasing tone. Looking up at him, she took her hand off his chest and he immediately looked down at her in panic. She moved her hand to his face and his face contorted into great surprise and confusion.

Pulling his face slightly down and raising hers, she kept her eyes closed.

"Arthur! Gwen!" a voice cut through their trance.

Gwen immediately backed away from Arthur, not registering the voice yet. Arthur on the other hand, kept his hand on her and turned angrily at the voice.

"Get the hell out of here, Merlin!" he bellowed, his princely voice laced with anger and intent to kill.

Merlin widened his eyes at the sight. Arthur had his arms around Gwen as Gwen looked suprisingly at Arthur. Looking between the two, Merlin closed his gaping mouth and asked. "What are you two doing?"

Arthur roled his eyes as Gwen laughed, and turned decidedly towards Merlin. "We were merely enjoying the view, Merlin."

Merlin frowned. "Why is Arthur hugging you?" he gasped, "You're not injured are you? I'll go get Gaius!" he turned and was about to sprint off when Arthur yelled him back.

"Merlin! You idiot!" he half laughed and exasperated. "You have other duties. Guinevere is fine here with me. Go clean my room, wash my clothes, polish my armor, shine my sword, fix my lance, groom the horse, and muck out the stables!"

Merlin's eyes widened at his orders. "You're kidding. It's afternoon now! I'll never finish all that by tonight!"

Arthur smirked. "Well you better start now if you hope to go to bed by morning."

Gwen frowned slightly at Arthur.

Arthur looked at her, affronted. "It will keep him from talking and thinking about stupid things."

Gwen kept her stare on him.

Merlin watched their exchange in hope.

Arthur relented. "You may finish what tasks you don't get to, tomorrow."

Merlin grinned and jumped in the air in happiness.

"Get going!" Arthur pointed back at the castle.

Merlin grinned cheekily and bowed ostentatiously, "Yes, sire!" But he couldn't resist. "I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening...enjoying the view!" he yelled over his shoulder as he dashed back to the castle.

Arthur was half ready to throw something at Merlin, but the idiot was too far now and he wasn't about to separate himself from Guinevere for that idiot.

Gwen laughed happily before she kissed Arthur briefly on the lips and rested her head on his shoulder.

"You're not getting away with just that," Arthur grinned and angled her face. "I let Merlin off for you, there has to be more than that."

And more there was.

Brushing the beautiful, silk hair, Gwen hummed happily as she freely allowed her thoughts to be occupied by the events of earlier that day and Arthur - just Arthur.

"You seem happier now," Morgana smiled. "Did something happen?" she said knowingly. She had seen a madly grinning and laughing Merlin run from the secluded grass area she had seen Gwen walk to with Arthur like an idiot and immeidately had Merlin regale her the tales, and it took all her willpower not to say anything too blatent during dinner.

"I just know," Morgana had said casually, "that enjoying the view isn't the same as its used to anymore."

Arthur had choked on his wine goblet as she looked meaningfully at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Arthur," she laughed behind her hand as she looked apologetic, "Surely you know that enjoying the view of Camelot is absolutely worth trailing after like some lovesick puppy."

Arthur glared at her as he swallowed the remaining of his wine and demanded for more.

Gwen smiled shyly and nodded.

"You know," Morgana continued casually, "Arthur came in this morning." Only due to the long years together did Morgana note the interest in Gwen's passive eyes. "He told me to go to dinner tonight, but kept looking around the room like something was missing."

Gwen swallowed her flush.

"It was silly really," Morgana continued in the same air. "Glancing about, not really paying real attention to me. But you and I both know," she smiled coyly, "that it was more like someone was missing really." Morgana turned her head and faced Gwen then. She smirked, "Tell me everything, Gwen!"

"Morgana!" Gwen laughed under Morgana's tickling fingers.

"Shut up, Merlin!" Arthur snapped at Merlin.

"I didn't say anything!" Merlin continued to cheekily grin as he readied the clothes for Arthur to change into.

"You don't have to," Arthur growled, "that dopey expression of yours is all I need to know what you want to say."

Merlin purposely muttered loudly, "Nothing compared to the goofy expression you have on now."

"What?!" Arthur snapped his face to the mirror. Indeed, he had on a besotted look that was emphatically worse than Merlin.

Gwen smiled as she finally walked back to her house. Nothing have really changed - she's still a handmaid and he's still the crown prince. But now, she's also just Guinevere to him, and he Arthur to her.

"I promise you," Arthur took her hands in his and practically prayed for her belief, "that things will change."

She had smiled and nodded.

"Lend me your strength," he hugged her.

She didn't voice it, but she needed his to. She needed his reassurance because even now, she's only smiling weakly at the chance that things will change.

"When I am king," he had said.

She had believed.

But now, alone on her walk home, she didn't know.

"Guinevere!" her face, her eyes, her whole being lighted up at the voice as seh turned around.

Blonde hair flying, blue eyes smiling, and lazy grin glowing. "It's late, I'm on guard duty, and you need an escort." he smirked.

Seeing his face, those eyes, that...affection - she refused to repeat his words, she's just not quite ready, but she knows she will be - she couldn't help but believe.

"I love you," he whispered once more in her ear as they neared her house.

She turned to him, smiled happily, placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, and walked the remaining steps to her house. She turned back upon opening the door, and seeing him wave her in, she went to the window and watched as he smiled at her empty door and left.

In time, things will change, Arthur thought to himself with renewed vigor and determination.

In time, Gwen knew that she'll be able to relay those words to him with full belief in the future. Only in time.